Making breakfast

Pancakes made with mayo? Don’t knock it if you haven’t tried i!

We woke up bright and early today and quite hungry, as well, after our day of airport travel. We hadn’t been able to get groceries the night before so we began to forage through the drawers, fridge, and cupboards looking for something we could make to eat. We found some pancake mix, but no eggs. We were really attempting to create something from nothing. I suggested we use mayo in place of eggs (mayo contains egg). There was no fresh milk so we used evaporated milk. I found no butter, so we used margarine. We mixed up all the ingredients and ladled the batter into the pan. I flipped it and voila! We had pancakes and they were good!

Walter was due to arrive around 3 pm so we ate canned soup, promising ourselves we would pick up all the groceries we wanted at the Hillside Market about 30 miles down the road. We left about 2 pm and traversed puddles, flooded areas, and the ubiquitous, jarring potholes.

We knew we were nearing the airport, but for the life of us we couldn’t find a sign directing us to the airport road. We went up and down the road and finally we saw a police station and Margaret ventured in. She asked if there was a sign for the airport.

“No, there’s no sign,” one policeman stated firmly.

“Oh yes, there’s a sign,” the other said emphatically.

The “no sign” cop gave my aunt instructions:

“Go down to a small house with a little patch of grass and some rocks on the right hand side. When you see that, turn left.”

Margaret returned to the car and said, “He told me to find a small house with grass and rocks and to turn left.” We burst into laughter.

We passed several houses with grass and rocks, as you might imagine. But as we passed one road we saw a sign acknowledging we were in Long Island, but nothing about this being the road to the airport. The sign was placed parallel to the main road and had an arrow pointing north. And then the light dawned and we realized the sign should have been placed perpendicular to the main road so the arrow would point to the airport and not north along the main highway

We determined the natives here have grown up knowing where everything is, and haven’t thought to look at it from the eyes of a stranger. We think their Long Island sign is supposed to be understood as the road to the airport. And, as it happened, we saw a house with grass and neatly laid rocks across from what we thought might be the airport road, because of the Long Island signage, even though the arrow pointed north instead of east, where the airport is located. So we turned east and finally found the airport.


Max’s Weather Forecaster

While sitting in the tiny airport room waiting for Walter to land, we collected all the Long Island maps and guides available. We were armed with information. Now maybe we could hit all the hot spots the island had to offer!

Walt arrived and we were all starved and I was happy to see him. The first stop was Max’s Conch Bar and Grill. Walt and I each had a heaping bowl of delicious conch salad, Margaret had grouper fingers and slaw, and Jason ordered a quesadilla. Next stop was Hillside Food Supply where we loaded up the groceries before heading home to bed.