Dedication statement

Statement on Columbus Monument on Long Island, Bahamas.

My husband has a hard time sitting still, so this morning we scarfed down pancakes with real eggs, butter, and whole milk, and headed out to see the north end of Long Island. Going anywhere on this island requires quite a trek, as the island is 80 miles long. However, the very rugged and rocky road we had to traverse to get to the Columbus Monument challenged the limits of our small car’s ability. It was nearly impossible to navigate. However, our trusty car kept us moving bravely forward. Finally, we arrived at the north tip of the island, pulled our car off to the side, parked, and got out.

A pretty little bay greeted us and we saw a man standing in the water banging on a conch to create the opening to harvest it. There was a chickee hut and small buildings here and there. A young man about age 25 gave us a huge smile and came toward us, hands outstretched.

When he spoke we noted he had a significant speech impediment, but he was lovely and friendly and we did our best to decipher what he was saying to us. He indicated that he knew us and asked if we remembered him. As far as I knew, we’d never seen him before. But he talked on, clearly happy to see us. He approached me and gently grabbed my shoulders and pulled me to him. Before I realized it he had kissed my neck. Then he turned to my Aunt Margaret and said quite clearly, “You are awesome!” We smiled and waved goodbye to this friendly soul, as we were on our way to see the Columbus Monument.

There had been a lot of rain recently and the silent mosquitoes were out in full force. I grabbed the OFF spray and applied it liberally, as did the others. That seemed to do the trick, so we were off to climb the steps up to the monument.

The trek up to the Columbus Monument.

The view from the monument was spectacular – totally worth the car’s efforts, and ours.


A vast view of the ocean from the Monument.

We then wandered back to a pretty little beach in a protected bay. Walter and Jason went snorkeling while Margaret and I collected sea treasures on the beach. All were happy and satisfied.

Walter the Wanderer headed our group out and down to another fine beach where the sand is always like powdered sugar. Aunt Margaret was in heaven. Well, we all were. It’s so beautiful here!

Walter soaking.

Walter soaking his feet in this salt water pool.

Gorgeous beach.

A gorgeous turquoise beach.


Jason trekking for treasures in the sand.

Aunt Margaret

Aunt Margaret loving the Bahamas. We loved having her with us!

We put in another full day. After the beach we drove the long miles back to the house and went to the clubhouse where Jason and Walter swam in the pool while we made spaghetti. Jason’s eyes were burned to the point of being blurry from the chlorinated pool, but it’s hard not to overindulge somewhere while here in this beautiful place.