I’m soaking up every moment I have in this wonderful tub.

Our bedroom has a massive white tub plunked in the middle of the room. It beckoned me, last night, to partake in its luxury. I had the foresight to purchase in Miami a stash of Lush bubblebath bars and I soaked in the fragrant lavender suds until I’d had my fill of absolute decadence. My husband brought me a glass of champagne to enjoy as I soaked. If that’s not love, ladies, what is? I am trying to prepare myself in advance to say goodbye to this glorious, sudsy, perfumed pool, but it won’t be easy.

At 5:30 a.m. the birds let loose with the first chirps of colorful, vibrant songs. At 6:00 a.m. the large picture window, spanning the width of our room above our king sized bed, flooded our room with bright sunlight that reflected off the gleaming, white walls. We are unaccustomed to awakening to glaring light so early in the morning, but I’m sure we’ll adjust soon.

After breakfast, Walter, myself, my Aunt Margaret, and our 12-yr-old son, Jason, were all itching to get out and explore. We have a little rented Nissan that has racked up quite a few miles. This poor car creaks and groans along the tortuous roads. Some of the roads are paved but there are also random sections without pavement. The roads are riddled with many potholes, some impossible to avoid. But challenging roads were nothing new to us. We’d done this last year, only we had a borrowed truck then, which makes things a lot easier than a small Nissan.

Love Beaches

Heading on down to the Love Beaches!

After bumbling along the rocky road we saw a sign for Love Beaches. Intriguing! We parked on a tiny spit of sand and clambered out to see where the trail would lead. We walked single file along the narrow path passing several gorgeous beaches of pink sand and pounding surf. Before we left the house Walter and I had looked at Google earth to see the beaches on the island. The satellite view clearly showed very pink sands on these beaches. It was beautiful!

We were wowed by the massive surf pounding against the rock reef that hemmed in the beautiful pink sands beach with its serene salt water pools. It created quite a scene with the powerful waves traveling through deep blue waters, then a bit lighter blue, into blue green, then pale turquoise, and finally bashing into the reef sending massive columns of white water soaring into the air. The pounding surf was often deafening.

I was introduced to BlueSea wetsuit company, headquartered in China, at DEMA two years ago by Linda Kitayama, a representative for Yamamoto neoprene. After meeting me, BlueSea owner Charles asked if he could make a wetsuit for me to promote their product line. I agreed and started thinking about where to do the photo shoot. But today, as I strolled along the Love Beach coast of Long Island, Bahamas, I decided that the best place for this shoot is on the Love Beaches. I’m so pleased to have found such a great backdrop for my photos!