This morning we ate some mangos we brought from Miami from our own Edwards tree. They were paired with fried sweet potato medallions – a mix of Miami sweet potatoes and Bahamian sweet potatoes. They were actually really good! Unfortunately, we polished off the last of the Mystic Monks fabulous Pasha Java coffee this morning. BooHoo!

We headed out and just as we were getting on the Queen’s Highway a wasp flew into the car’s backseat where Margaret and Jason were sitting. She hollered, “Wasp!” and I screamed. She tried to get it to fly out of the car but instead it stung her, which was unfortunate. We carried on and turned on the road with the sign that read J’annte (pronounced Je-auntie). Aunt Margaret bought four placemats and some other items. And I placed an order for 12 straw placemats with turquoise straw. She’ll call me when she’s completed them.

Bahamian Bread is a Must Have Item

The next stop was McKanns settlement where a large dark blue building that housed a bread bakery and bar were located. Margaret ordered up a loaf of bread and 10 buns – big like hamburger buns, but square. We would pick those up on our return home.

The Long Island Tourism Office

The seaglass shop on Queen’s Highway was closed, as was Whymsical sea glass shop. So we pushed on and pulled in to the Tourism building. I walked in and asked for information on things to do. The girl at the counter told me about the Farmer’s Market on Saturdays.

“Oh, we loved that. Bought some things there. We’re gonna go again next week.”

“Well, I can’t tell you anything,” she laughed. “How about restaurants? Have you been to Tiny’s?”

“Loved Tiny’s! Great food!”

“You know everything! How about Jerry’s?”

“His conch salad is amazing!”

“I can’t tell you anything! Have you been to Lighthouse Point?”

“We were there last year when we came on the Mail Boat.”

“That’s it! You know this island.” She laughed.

She handed me a few informational sheets which mentioned things I didn’t know. I took a peek at some of the sea glass jewelry, and then headed out, hopped back in the car, and we headed to The Forest #2 Takeaway. We waited, as per usual, but it was worth it. The burgers there were really good!

On a Quest for Sea Glass

After lunch Walter ventured way off the beaten path, his M.O., and bumbled along a jarring road down to a beach. We all piled out and Margaret and I swept the beach looking for sea glass, but only found a few chunks of sea plastic. Sad commentary on the times. We had the beach all to ourselves. The water was gorgeous and the sand was like sugar. We scored a couple of shells and then piled back in the car and returned to pick up our bread at McKanns. It smelled wonderful when we pulled up. It was all I could do to keep from eating it before we arrived home.

Chez Pierre’s Restaurant

On the way back we noticed a white sign with blue writing on the side of the road that which read, “Chez Pierre Restaurant.”

“Walter, let’s go down this road and see what this restaurant is like. He’s French Canadian. I bet his food is good.”

Chocolate dessert.

A handmade chocolate cup topped with rich chocolate ice-cream and luscious caramel. Ooh-la-la!

We proceeded down a very challenging and rock-strewn road – so many of the Bahamian roads are riddled with massive rocks and deep holes. But we made it finally. Chez Pierre has a brilliantly designed building. There are screens all around the exterior with a deep porch inside the screened area. The breeze off the Caribbean Sea is gorgeous. He has a bar that is self serve; you just let him know what you had. Chez’s kitchen is a true chef’s kitchen and is appointed perfectly. He’s an excellent chef and sources his foods carefully. We had a gorgeous salad with delicious dressing and a deep dish pizza that was truly special. Yes, the road is challenging, but it is oh, so worth it! Don’t miss Chez Pierre!