Fly fishing

Walter succeeds in fly fishing!

After years of freediving, spearfishing, and catching fish on rod & reel, Walter is tackling fly fishing. I got up early to drive him down to the Stella Maris marina and dropped him off to learn from a pro nicknamed Docky. A sticker plastered to Docky’s truck told me he has a sense of humor. That, or he’s been blamed for some novice’s inability to catch anything. Well, my man Walter is a very laid back dude, so I knew he wouldn’t be giving Docky any trouble. However, I do think he tested Docky’s patience right to the very razored edge of self control.

Testing Docky’s Patience

Walter explained to me that he was hacking with the rod and trying to kill the fish with his motions instead of creating that beautiful fly fishing dance with man, line, and reel. Poor Docky was out of his mind trying to get Walter to relax and move slow and smooth.

Docky finally tricked Walter into thinking nothing was there so he’d not try to hack the fish to death. Instead, he suggested that Walter cast here, or there, just to practice. Finally, Walter caught one without realizing one was out there. Docky tricked him. LOL!

As it happened, Walter went on to capture three more bonefish. He’s a very determined man, this guy I’m married to. He’s been out several days trying to hone this new craft, including today. I’ve not seen him since he left this morning, but hopefully he’ll have learned a few more tricks. I’m certain Docky will see that he does.

This is a good marriage we have. I’m content to write, paint, and create. My man is as happy as a clam to bake in the sun all day for the sheer joy of seeing, catching, spearing, or wrangling a fish. At the end of the day we enjoy a good meal, a cold drink, easy conversation, and well….you know. Life is good.