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22. Straw, Bahama Bread, and Chez Pierre

This morning we ate some mangos we brought from Miami from our own Edwards tree. They were paired with fried sweet potato medallions – a mix of Miami sweet potatoes and Bahamian sweet potatoes. They were actually really good! Unfortunately,… Continue Reading →

21. From Hamilton Cave to Cape Verde

We met up with a man named Leonard Cartwright, whose family purchased a large parcel of land from the British Crown way back when, which makes him a Long Island native and the owner of Hamilton Cave. Mr. Cartwright is… Continue Reading →

19. The Farmer’s Market in Long Island, Bahamas

Every Saturday, several talented folks who have items to sell come and hang out with their friends at the Long Island Farmer’s Market located in the Salt Pond settlement. In this modest blue building are friendly faces and ready smiles…. Continue Reading →

18. Columbus Point and Monument

My husband has a hard time sitting still, so this morning we scarfed down pancakes with real eggs, butter, and whole milk, and headed out to see the north end of Long Island. Going anywhere on this island requires quite… Continue Reading →

17. Heading to the Love Beach, Baby!

Our bedroom has a massive white tub plunked in the middle of the room. It beckoned me, last night, to partake in its luxury. I had the foresight to purchase in Miami a stash of Lush bubblebath bars and I… Continue Reading →

16. Where is the Airport?

We woke up bright and early today and quite hungry, as well, after our day of airport travel. We hadn’t been able to get groceries the night before so we began to forage through the drawers, fridge, and cupboards looking… Continue Reading →

15. Trouble in a Bahamas Paradise

Last summer my husband Walter, myself, and our youngest son, Jason, visited the Bahamas islands of Crooked and Acklins. It was an amazing adventure that we loved, although we were beset by a few challenges. However, overcoming challenges can be… Continue Reading →

14. Crooked Flamingos, Painting, and Sticky Buns

Today is the day we had to leave Acklins Island and return to Crooked. For years I have fantasized about visiting Acklins. I imagined what it would be like, what it would look like, what the people would be like…. Continue Reading →

13. A Visit with Nay, Keneps, and Island Boys

Having heard my husband’s adventure stories on Acklins for the past 34 years, I have been wanting to visit this island. This is our last day in Acklins and I want it to be perfect, which means it must include… Continue Reading →

12. Salinas Point, Tamarind Tree, and Two Parties

At breakfast we learned from Velma that it would only take about an hour to make it out to Salinas Point. We grabbed our hats, some bottles of water, and the dive gear. The rental car was a Honda and… Continue Reading →

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