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4. The Shipwreck of the Aldebaran Bay

The Aldebaran Bay was built in Holland around 1940 and was used as a training vessel for the German navy.  It was not originally a sailboat but had been converted to a schooner with three big steel masts at some… Continue Reading →

3. Part II: The Silver Bank

February 27, 1983 marked the inaugural start of Grand Prix Miami, yet what should have been an exciting and memorable day was nearly a disaster, both competitively and financially. A severe rainstorm turned the circuit into a quagmire and the… Continue Reading →

2. Part I: The Dragon’s Teeth

One of the deadliest shipwreck traps in the Western Hemisphere lies in the Southern Bahamas, about fifty miles north of Great Inagua Island. It is a place seldom visited because of the dangers involved and its isolated location. Nearly invisible… Continue Reading →

Diving for Dinner – Recipe!

A few years ago, my mariner husband and I loaded up our boat, a 48’ liveaboard, and headed from Miami, out across the Gulf Stream, to the Bahamas on a fishing and diving for dinner adventure with our three sons. … Continue Reading →

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