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9. Debris and Danger on Gun Bluff

Before exploring Gun Bluff today we decided to have another go at crossing over the salt pond and finally exploring the old ruins on the other side. Since the first go was a bust, we headed to the little village… Continue Reading →

8. Sharks and Dolphins Visit Jason

Sometimes the magic happens and you get to see something special underwater. Jason got to hang out with a few inquisitive visitors today – dolphins and a reef shark. What a treat!       SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

7. A Misadventure Hike on Crooked Island

Today I was busily working on my writing, when Walter arrived and announced he wanted to go hike up to some old ruins on the island. “Cool. So where are they? How do we get there?” “We just drag a… Continue Reading →

6. Traveling at Sea on the Bahamian Mail Boat

Not long ago I stumbled on an article about the Bahamian mail boat service. I was intrigued by the idea of getting onboard a mail boat (I’d never heard of such a thing) and cruising through the islands to a… Continue Reading →

1. The Mystery of the Blue

I know not everyone has discovered the mystery of the blue ocean in cruising across open water, but for me and my family this is our life. The career of my husband, Walter, has run the gamut of many positions,… Continue Reading →

Diving for Dinner – Recipe!

A few years ago, my mariner husband and I loaded up our boat, a 48’ liveaboard, and headed from Miami, out across the Gulf Stream, to the Bahamas on a fishing and diving for dinner adventure with our three sons. … Continue Reading →

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