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5. Adventure on Acklins Island

As early evening approached, the shipwrecked captain and crew continued to drift to the northwest. The young Virginian, Tim, captained the dory that towed the four rafted vessels. To get a heading for Acklins Island, they plugged in a Loran… Continue Reading →

4. The Shipwreck of the Aldebaran Bay

The Aldebaran Bay was built in Holland around 1940 and was used as a training vessel for the German navy.  It was not originally a sailboat but had been converted to a schooner with three big steel masts at some… Continue Reading →

3. Part II: The Silver Bank

February 27, 1983 marked the inaugural start of Grand Prix Miami, yet what should have been an exciting and memorable day was nearly a disaster, both competitively and financially. A severe rainstorm turned the circuit into a quagmire and the… Continue Reading →

2. Part I: The Dragon’s Teeth

One of the deadliest shipwreck traps in the Western Hemisphere lies in the Southern Bahamas, about fifty miles north of Great Inagua Island. It is a place seldom visited because of the dangers involved and its isolated location. Nearly invisible… Continue Reading →

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