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2. Part I: The Dragon’s Teeth

One of the deadliest shipwreck traps in the Western Hemisphere lies in the Southern Bahamas, about fifty miles north of Great Inagua Island. It is a place seldom visited because of the dangers involved and its isolated location. Nearly invisible… Continue Reading →

1. The Mystery of the Blue

I know not everyone has discovered the mystery of the blue ocean in cruising across open water, but for me and my family this is our life. The career of my husband, Walter, has run the gamut of many positions,… Continue Reading →

How It All Began…

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At a party years ago I met a man who had the swarthy good looks of a pirate, complete with the red beard, blue eyes, and dangerous smile. I learned he had just been rescued after being shipwrecked and adrift… Continue Reading →

Songs of the Sea

I love this beautiful song about Miami’s Biscayne Bay by the Stills-Young Band. I learned not long ago that a dear friend of mine attended high school with Stephen Stills in Tampa, Florida. Even then she knew he was going… Continue Reading →

Key Largo Fish House Encore – Recipe!

From the very beginning, my relationship with my husband Walter also included a third entity – the ocean. This mariner drew me into his water world and his way of life when I was only 19 years old. He lured… Continue Reading →

Diving for Dinner – Recipe!

A few years ago, my mariner husband and I loaded up our boat, a 48’ liveaboard, and headed from Miami, out across the Gulf Stream, to the Bahamas on a fishing and diving for dinner adventure with our three sons. … Continue Reading →

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